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Colton Ballet School COVID-19 Policies

During the COVID-19 outbreak the school will be doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Ultra-violet scrubbers have been installed on each HVAC system within the school. All barres, door handles, water fountain, bathroom fixtures and other surfaces will be disinfected every day.


Students and parents must observe the following protocols or the student will not be allowed to participate:

Updated Covid-19 Policy as of 5/26/2021

In keeping with current CDC recommendations, any student who has been fully vaccinated for Covid and is past the two week waiting period may participate in class without a mask. Vaccination cards must be presented to the office. All others must still wear a mask to class. If you prefer to wear your own mask, it should be at least 2 layers, designed for dance, fit properly with no gaps on the sides, top or bottom, and be clean for each class. Studio masks will still be available for anyone who prefers to use them.

In an effort to cut down on congestion at the front door, we require that you pre-register before classes begin. Instructions for registering are listed on the Tuition & Enrollment page.


We appreciate your patience and cooperation as together we meet the challenges of these times.