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The Colton Ballet School curriculum embraces the development of the dancer from the first day of enrollment at 4 years of age to the emergence of the professional. Instruction is divided into three basic divisions and is offered at progressive levels of achievement. A student progresses at his or her own rate of development and is placed in class accordingly.

Primary Division

Creative Movement I & II

The program for 4 & 5 year olds is a student’s first introduction to the dynamics of music and movement. The course is designed to gently introduce the young student to the discipline that will be required for study as well as to provide fun exercises for learning basic dance elements. During the year opportunities for motor development, movement exploration, creative play and problem solving are given in directed activities.

Pre-Ballet I & II

The curriculum for 6 & 7 year olds exposes the student to the format of a formal ballet class as well as to establish the standards of classroom deportment and behavior. Fundamental classical movement, elemental steps, terminology and theory are covered during the year. The creative, fun activities are now designed to increase the student’s strength, flexibility, and mastery of basic locomotor movements. Students in this division study once weekly.

Elementary Division

Grades I, II, III & Advanced Grade III

Students begin their formal classical ballet training with an emphasis on building self discipline as well as self-confidence in the mastery of the art form. There are four levels in this division with a structured syllabus for each grade covering all aspects of a student’s classical training. Students in this division are required to take a minimum of two classes per week.

Advanced Division

Grades IV & V

Through the next levels a student continues to follow a structured syllabus designed to increase technical knowledge and understanding of classical theory as well as increasing stamina. As the dancer gains proficiency and confidence a greater emphasis is placed on artistry, movement quality and performance. The feminine technique of pointe work is introduced and intensified in each progressive level. Students in this division are encouraged to study daily.