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2022 Summer Workshops Registration

Complete this form by filling in the student information, selecting the appropriate grade level and workshop classes you wish to attend, and the entire Summer Session and/or individual weeks you wish to pay for. A summary at the end calculates the total fees and an amount due. Class fees are discounted based on the number of classes taken per week as well as whether you are paying in advance for individual weeks or the entire session. Please note that discounted fees only apply when payment is made in full on or before the day of your first class.

Student Information
Use this part of the worksheet to select the workshop classes you will be attending every week.
Select a Grade Level:
Select the weekly classes you’ll be attending:
Mon Tue Wed Thu
Therapeutic Ball , $20
Advanced Technique+Pointe , $25
Grade V Technique+Pointe , $25
Grade IV Technique+Pointe , $25
Advanced Grade III Technique , $20
Select the Week(s) you’ll be attending.
Click or tap on a week to select it. Click or tap on it again to deselect it.
Click or tap on “Summer Session” to select or deselect all weeks at once.
Summary & Total Fees

You may make changes to your selections at any time and the information below will update accordingly. Note that discount rates increase with the number of classes and days per week, as well as whether you’re paying for individual weeks or the entire Summer Session.

Summer Session June 6-9 June 13-16 June 20-23 June 27–30 July 11–14 July 18–21
Therapeutic Ball 9:00–10:30 20 Mon Tue Wed Thu
Advanced Technique+Pointe 10:30–12:30 25 Mon Tue Wed Thu
Grade V Technique+Pointe 1:00–3:00 25 Mon Wed
Grade IV Technique+Pointe 10:30–12:00 25 Mon Wed
Advanced Grade III Technique 10:30–11:30 20 Tue Thu
Total Classes & Discounted Fees
( saved)
Registration Fee 25
Amount Due

The school does not accept payment online. Once you’ve completed this form you can print the summary by clicking the “Print” button below.

We ask that you pre-register and pre-pay by mailing the printed summary along with a check for the full amount due to:

Colton Ballet School
PO Box 3348
Augusta, GA 30914-3348


Discounted fees only apply when payment is made in full on or before the day of your first class.